The Wichita Watcher

Ulysses, a guardian angel, a protector from the realm of heaven, has been given his assignment to protect a young girl named Marjorie Ruthmeir. Limited to the boundaries between the spirit realm and the world, Ulysses must figure out how to protect his watch in a world full of evil, treachery, and deceit.

Marjorie Ruthmeir has deep dark secrets. Sold into the sexual trafficking trade when she was fourteen years old, all she had ever dreamed of was for someone to love her and keep her safe. Determined to keep her past a secret, she escapes, changes her name to Margo, and takes a bus to Wichita, Kansas, to start a new life and hopefully to find her long-lost brother.

Struggling to find love and safety in a world that has only caused her pain, will Margo's tainted past destroy any hope she has for finding love and safety?

The Wichita Watcher is a captivating mystery demonstrating the struggles and triumphs of life while God's grace draws us near to himself.

--Karen Fifer

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