The Way I Saw It and the Way I Wanted It to Be

The first part of the title is how I perceived things in my journey called life. It's the events as I saw them from my eyes and how they impacted me.

The second part of the title is what I would have preferred things to have been. Life's experiences are not always what I wanted them to be. It's those experiences that challenged me and made me change some things in my life.

I wrote this book to my heirs so that they may learn from my mistakes and give them the lessons that I have learned by the things that I did. It is my hope that they will understand that it's the lessons that I got from each of the chapters that I've written about.

If you are like me—with grandchildren and maybe you even have great-grandchildren—you may see the benefit in sharing your life's experience the same way. Your heirs need to hear from you in whatever way you choose to communicate with them.

As for me, I wrote it to my heirs as the way I saw it and the way I wanted it to be.

--Ralph Foley

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