A man who should have died, changed a whole perspective and beliefs on people and doctors. They planned his funeral; they counted him out. Doctors told him one thing, but God told him another, the truth. When they said he couldn't, God said he would. Giving up was never an option for him. He lost almost everything from his life to his family and marriage, but God gave it all back to him. He restored his life. When he was defeated in a coma and felt like his demons were winning the battle, Jesus stepped in and took over the fight. And the one thing he wanted to do was fulfill the plan that God had for him. He knew he was alive for a reason. The testimony would be heard around the town and the bet between two brothers would be heard around the world, which one made the ultimate promise. A mother's sacrifice offering cry out to God to let her son live. Family wars and life-changing events. What a second chance at life would look like to the eyes of many. A man who never gave up even while on his deathbed. And a moment to where his favorite football player joining in his story and testimony. His story would blow up all over social media and in the organization of his favorite football team. How could a man defeat all the odds and recover the way he did? Well, anything can be done if you have the faith in God's plan.

--Luis Gonzalez Jr

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