The Umbrella of Protection

An umbrella, it's a tangible object that protects from the elements like rain. But that's not what the umbrella stands for in the book. It's the intangible that covers your life.

Can a woman carry a fetus that has died, and then the child is born, alive? Can a person survive being attacked in their home, left for dead, bleeding, unconscious, no food or water, and live? How can a car come toward you at a high rate of speed and you have been expecting it? Can pure devastating keep you sane? How you can be in the wrong place and time? You're alone; no one around to help you. Can you survive when there is no way out? There's danger lurking around the corner, about to take your life. How can you get through the unimaginable when you don't know what to do? How can you grow up in a home where there is fighting, alcohol, and no money, no food? How can you change your circumstances when you're a seven-year-old and your hands are tied?

You will see devastation turn into shelter, safety, and protection. Each chapter will leave you in awe and unexplainable phenomenon. It will challenge your mind to think, question, believe. It will lead you down a road of darkness, peril. It will challenge you to see the outcome of darkness and cause you to ponder and leave you longing to reach the sun after the storm.

This is embedded in my soul and how the title came to be the foundation of my life. The word “protection” across the cover of the book is to protect the book, and you, the reader.

This is only the beginning.

--WJ Beach

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