The Ultimate Job Guide 2018 & Beyond Featuring Employment Analytics

As you probably know, the process of looking for a new job has changed. While you may have been able to move easily from one job to another in the past, today you must aggressively attack the marketplace and create your own opportunities for success. There are multiple facets which a job seeker needs to focus on in today's economy. Of course, qualifications, experience, great references, and achievements are important; however, marketing these qualities on the social platforms in an alluring manner is equally necessary. If your resume did the talking a few years back now, it's your digital presence. You are expected to know what makes you different from other candidates. Cramming routine answers from books or websites is not sufficient for this purpose. While you polish your online presence, you will also need to introspect to come up with qualities which differentiate you from the crowd.

--John J. Doherty

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