The Two Witnesses are God the Father and The Holy Spirit - Revelation 11: Biblical Treasures Buried Under Extra-Biblical Sources, Guesswork and Neglect For 2,000 Years Finally Brought to Light

In this first volume of my book I have proved beyond the shadow of a doubt that The Two Witnesses in Revelation 11 are God The Father and The Holy Spirit. Which is a fact that none of the Ancient, or, Modern day commentators have ever known in 2,000 years!

That they are primarily God the Son's Two Witnesses, who is the Glorious omnipotent Angel in Revelation chapter 10 who is prophesying to John about his immediate future in Revelation chapter 11, where he has assumed his second nature as Jesus (Rev. 11:8). Nor have they ever known that Jesus is the Main and Hidden Actor behind the scenes, and underlying dimension of chapter 11, in spite of the fact that his Two Witnesses who are actually ‘in him' in chapter 11, as I shall also demonstrate, seem to be the main Actors on the surface as I shall also demonstrate. Or ever known that Jesus is alive in chapter 11.

Now that the Angel has become Jesus, they must be referred to as Christ' Two Witnesses. None of the commentators have ever taken these facts into account, because they never suspected the Two Witnesses could be God, who they should have considered in the first place! And considered 2 Cor. 5:19 which says that, “God was ‘in Christ' reconciling the world unto himself.”

That which immediately proves the Two Witnesses are the Father and Holy Spirit, is the fact that Christ, who is also God, is called the very same things in the Bible they are, a Witness, an Olive Tree, a Lampstand and a Prophet, making a total of Three “Witnesses” (Rev. 1:5; Rev. 11:3). Three “Olive Trees” (Rev. 11:4; Judg. 9:8–9). Three “Lampstands” (Rev. 11:4; Zech. 4:1). And Three “Prophets” (Rev. 11:10; John 4:19).

The Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, have always been Witnesses of each other throughout all Eternity. And now that God the Son, the omnipotent Angel has come down from the third heaven to earth in Rev. 10:1–2, and assumed the form of Jesus, the Father and Holy Spirit, have now become the Two Witnesses of the Lamb that was slain (Rev. 11:7–8; Rev. 5:6) in Time.

--Joel Hernandez

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