The Track: A Journey from Tragedy to Triumph

On what otherwise seemed to be an ordinary spring night in 1994, Jennifer Foster, a young, struggling, single mother receives an unexpected phone call. What she learns is anything but ordinary. There has been an unusual accident and the details are unclear, however she learns that her younger brother, a popular, high school football star, scheduled to graduate from high school in six weeks has been involved. When she arrives at the hospital, the scene is horrifying, causing her to flashback in her mind to a journey through childhood and adolescence growing up in a small town in rural Upstate New York in a family that has up to this point endured their fair share of trials. Now facing her biggest challenge yet as her hometown community is devastated, and her family has made headline news, Jennifer grapples to make sense of the broken fragments of a shattered life.

After years of battling unanswered questions, nineteen years later, in a mind-boggling twist of events, a mysterious note from a stranger changes this family's world and perspective of life after death forever.

This emotionally charged book summons readers along on a journey through a phenomenally inspirational story that will usher you directly into the heart and nature of God, amid unfathomable human suffering and tragedy.

In a fallen world, filled with so much pain and suffering, THE TRACK wrestles with difficult questions such as, Is Heaven real? Is there life after death? Is there a God and is He really in control? If so, is He good, where is He during unspeakable tragedy, and how can anything good come from pain, loss, and human suffering?

The answers this family gets will astound you and perhaps transform you as much as they did them. You are personally invited to follow along and begin your very own journey on THE TRACK that leads to triumph. No matter where you are or where you have been, this story has the power to absolutely change your life!

--Jennifer Fox

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