The Third Tree

There are two creations mentioned in God's word: the first described in the book of Genesis, and the second being the natural world all around us. What is man's relationship to these creations, and how do these relate to the Creator? There are two trees in the Garden of Eden: The Tree of Life, and the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. What were their purposes then and now? Examine the Scriptures from Genesis to Revelation with Craig Christian, as he embarks with readers on a journey of discovery that reveals a third and final tree that connects many of the mysterious dots that we have all wondered about. Pairing humor with deep and fresh perspectives on creation, the fall, and salvation, readers will gain a greater understanding of the perfection of God, man's inseverable ties to creation, and awe-inspiring evidence that no detail of creation was ever completed outside of the Creator's purpose. Above all, The Third Tree contrasts God's ways with man's ways directly and simply, while demonstrating the consistency of his eternal word.

When we broaden our understanding of God's perfection as expressed through his creation, and the manner in which salvation has been provided, we can only be awestruck. We can only give him glory and praise. This book will sharpen your vision and appreciation for God, his creation, and the salvation he freely offers to all.

--Craig Christian

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