The Success System

The Success System is a descriptive outline of and prescription for what makes a person successful: 1) how you are successful already; 2) how that works; and 3) how to apply that to productivity, work performance, standards, schedules, self-evaluation, and much more. The Success System is a “factor and system” book loaded with information on how success is not merely an outcome but is a system of living daily and understanding how human-to-human interaction works. It takes a specific look (beyond merely self-esteem and pithy stories), to understanding people, action, human needs, communication, planning, and your present success. Moving beyond developing dreams to understanding how the process works, it delivers a power packed punch on where your energy is going and how to shape that energy to ensure improved levels of success in any and all endeavors. It delivers a clear view of self as an agent of work, choice, self-esteem, and hope.

--George Steele

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