The Substance, Sense, and Sequence of the Scriptures: A Study Guide

If God were to write sixty-six books of various lengths and styles, and put them all together into one collection, what would He say to us? What information or content would He record? What would be the substance of His writings?

Would He communicate an overall message through the multiple accounts? Would He write a story with a plot and an engaging conflict? Would the story have a heroic central character and a murderous, lying evil counterpart? Would there be a climactic scene, a surprise twist in the plot, a huge battle, and a “they all lived happily ever after” resolution at the end? Would we understand the big picture? What would be the sense of the collection of writings?

Would the order of the books and letters give structure to the overall message and develop the composition? Would the placement of the books provide the timeline and assist in the continuity of the account? Would the order of the books indicate the progression of the events from beginning to end? What would be the significance of the sequence of the record?

Within the pages of this book, one will find that God has written and ordered the Scriptures as a complete composition, a record from creation to eternal glory, a composition having substance, sense, and sequence.

--Keith F. Freedman

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