The Story of God; All He Ever Wanted Was A Family

Take a journey through the ages as you read The Story of God: All He Ever Wanted Was a Family. From the beginning of time as written in the book of Genesis throughout the history of His people, God keeps showing His love over and over again to us as a loving Father.

Visit the stories of Noah, Abraham, and Ruth as we wander through the Old Testament. See how God always wants His people to love Him as much as He loves them.

Because of this tremendous love for all people, He sent His only son Jesus to live among us. Watch how the story of Jesus unfolds and truly understand the plan that God had put in place way back in time in the book of Genesis.

Through Jesus's extraordinary life and death on a cross and the infilling of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost, this story is unique in its simplicity and very easy to read and enjoy.

Allow yourself to feel the innocence of a child as you read God's story. It will touch your heart and transform your life. Discover how you can become a member of God's family.

Because, all God ever wanted was a family to love and them to love Him back.

A simplistic and uncomplicated narrative of God's plan for humankind. Written with warmth, clarity and purpose, Ms. Elick takes us from Genesis to the cross, revealing God's love and desire for a family. Easy to read and understand by curious young minds, this book may also inform, instruct and bless the casual bible reader who may need a refresher course from the Holy Scriptures. A great read for home schoolers and Sunday school teachers. —Bob McGuire, actor, playwright, Bible teacher

--Celeste Kaufhold Elick

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