The Stoneclad Chronicles: The Ember Within

The Stoneclad, an ever-present force of protection, is in danger of being consumed in darkness. To maintain its light throughout the realms, the guardians are given special gifts, elements of power that allow the light to break through. When a piece of the Stoneclad is given over to the darkness, all hope seems lost. But somewhere in the distant horizon, the Stoneclad remains true, fighting against the evil within, awaiting its true guardians . . .

Secured behind the walls of her tiny village in the Shadowed Mountains, Merryn Swordwielder must choose between the life she knows and the life buried deep within her soul. As the daughter of a village tribune and head of her year, she has every chance at becoming second-in-command upon completion of her wielder elites. A part of her relishes the life she lives; yet she cannot ignore the burning inside, the distant memories singeing against her heart, forcing its way to the surface.

A scavenger, Thaddeus travels from village to village foraging through the remains of char and ash, plagued by the dreams of a hidden reality and a promise he made years ago. Haunting memories of his childhood consume his thoughts as he tries desperately to cling to the goodness inside his heart. His only comfort lies in the sketches of a face—a girl he sees only in his dreams. Only when he finds a relic from his past do events unfold and secrets emerge from the ashes.

The Ember Within, the first installment of The Stoneclad Chronicles, takes us on an epic adventure where we learn the amazing power of faith, the humbling reality of self, and the sacred bonds of family. Do we dare chase after that which we cannot see? Is the burning within a desire for good or for evil? Darkness or light?

The burning has begun. The ember pulses within. The Stoneclad is waiting.

--Elisabeth B. Golson

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