The Sovereign Rose of Morbid Lore

The Sovereign Rose of Morbid Lore is the fictional account of a spiritual journey, characterized by a flower. In this case, a morbid rose that experiences metamorphosis and is transformed into an alternate life form. More specifically, an introspective bicyclist that reflects and assesses the meaning of its own life. From the beginning of life to the end of validity; depicting itself as a worldly, ethereal traveler of the earth as well as the universe, trying to differentiate between reality and otherworldly phenomena.

Chasing its dreams “from here to the grassy hills of eternity.” Overcoming the obstacles of life, as well as the atrocities of humanity, and the trials and tribulations of all people that have ever lived.

Through the use of symbolism, all names, characters, and narratives represent the primary character's personal feelings and or emotions; spiritual, as well as demoniacal. The quest, the journey, the odyssey is to experience the fibers and the fabrics of sovereignty, despite its inherent morbidity. To be loved, and to be forgiven for all of its sins and all of its imperfections by the omniscient, omnipresent Lord, so that it can be accepted into the flowerbeds of heaven, and spend eternity with all the insects of the world and the buzzing of the bees.

--Tree Story

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