The Skogg Sixty-Day Challenge

This is not just another diet book. This is a road map to finding the healthiest, fittest you.

In this book, you will find step by step instructions to changing your nutrition, exercise program, and mind-set for the ultimate body transformation available. The Skogg Sixty-Day Challenge has hundreds of success stories worldwide and the only thing missing is yours!

Take this journey with us and reach your potential.

You, only stronger!

“The Skogg 60 Day Challenge was a terrific experience! I lost 30 pounds, shed body fat, and got stronger. The great habits I developed during the Challenge have stuck with me and I continue to lose body fat.” Michael – Age 36

“It's not just a working out, it is lifestyle choices and you are given plenty of information to help you make decisions to transform yourself. I cannot speak highly enough about the program or the support you get.” David Age 43

“The Challenge taught me which foods to eat, which exercises to perform and kept me motivated to stay on goal. This is a must for anyone serious about achieving their fitness goals.” Nick – age 37

“This program is amazing! If it can change someone who is 58 years old in 60 days, it can change anybody. I feel like I'm in my twenties. Thank you Michael and Sue.” Dr. Carl – age 58

“I lost 22.5 pounds and over 10% body fat and in 60 days, are you kidding me? WOW, I was blown away watching the transformation take place so quickly!!” Frank – age 47

--Susan Skogg and Michael Skogg

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