The Six Tribes each hold fierce animals who are determined to become warriors. The Woodland People receive their animal spirits at the age of twelve and can turn into their animal at any moment. Hutch is ready to receive his animal spirit. He wants to know what animal truly lies in him. Will it be the Bear Tribe with its huge grizzlies that could crush a skull under its paw, the Dog Tribe whose wolves and foxes are skilled hunters, the Cat Tribe with cougars and lynx that are swift and lean, the Deer Tribe and their strong moose and elk whose antlers stretch proudly, the Bird Tribe with its screeching eagles and ospreys, or lastly the Critter Tribe that consists of beavers, raccoons, and more?

These six tribes will all unite as one to defeat the greatest evil in the land— the Stone People whose leader, Dogwaff, is bloodthirsty and is determined to have ultimate power. Will Hutch with his animal spirit and his two friends be able to stop Dogwaff and his evil? Will they find the three dragon stones in time to hatch ferocious fire, water, and ice dragons that can defeat the Stone People? Bear-wolf hybrids, half wild cat half human people, and fearsome groggles may stand in Hutch's way of finding the dragon stones but sometimes the smallest of people can be the bravest of us all.

--Jenaya Vander Stoep

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