The Seven Dispensations of Grace: Dispensation 4,The Perfection Grace

The Seven Dispensations of Grace is a series and compilation of the prophetic revelation the Lord wanted to give unto the world of the “Goodness” and Grace of Himself from one dispensation to the next, in relation to humanity from creation through to the last of days. He gives us revelatory knowledge of how he has sat upon the throne of grace from dispensation to dispensation, for our limitations in the flesh, until the dispensation of grace where grace came to earth in the form of the only begotten of the Father. It is a description of how God has been gracious to mankind throughout our entire existence, adjusting grace to meet our needs as well as his purposes and timings. It provides details about each of the seven dispensations that the Lord revealed; how we're being prepared for and through these times and what can be expected in those to come. Featured in the first of the series is Dispensation 4: The Perfection Grace. This will help readers to see themselves on the dispensational timeline, as well as the church and the world, and be prepared to transition collectively from one time period to another beginning here with our individual and collective refinement.

--Karis Maple

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