The Secret of Silverkeep

Three years ago, Hadley Tate, a prostitute, was murdered in the city of Silverkeep, a quiet oasis of middle- to upper-class families. No one was ever convicted of the murder, and the case was soon forgotten by the authorities.

Until now.

Two drifters, J and Ben, arrive in town to confront Pastor Bryan Shortridge, head pastor of Unity Church, for the cover-up of Hadley's murder.

Shortridge knows who was involved in her death, and the secret he holds could unravel the careers of a well-respected judge, Phoenix Creed, as well as corrupt real estate mogul, Aden Dunwell, and his partner, Cole Booker.

As J and Ben get closer to revealing the truth, they find themselves as the prime suspects in the spate of murders happening around the city since their arrival.

Complicating matters is a church secretary, Molly Dowd, and Hadley's best friend, Pamela Monday, who become ensnared in the web of deceit, but are desperate for a way out.

The search for redemption by all parties involved takes an ironic twist, with a return to the scene of the crime, some three years after the murder. Here, a shocking confession by Pastor Shortridge reveals more than just a passing knowledge of the crime.

Through it all, J and Ben remain focused on bringing light into the darkness of this tragic event. But can they thwart the effort of a rogue detective, whose only intent is to convict them of the recent murders and place them behind bars? The life of Pastor Shortridge hangs in the balance if J and Ben are convicted and locked away for good.

Will love be enough to overcome the evil that exists?

--Dan Morrow

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