The Ring of Avalon

Young Ian Caine learns he is a descendant of the legendary King Arthur after he finds a ring on Glastonbury Tor, the current site of what once was the Isle of Avalon. The ring has strange symbols and writing on it which Ian discovers are similar to the name “Caledfwich,” the name of King Arthur's legendary sword “Excalibur”. Ian discovers that the ring allows him to time travel, but that's not all.

Upon the initial use of the ring, Ian releases the sorceress, Morgan le Fay, who had been imprisoned in the ring by the wizard Merlin. Morgan informs Ian that she and her sisters forged the ring to give to King Arthur to help him defeat his enemies. Morgan further explains all the powers of the ring and teaches Ian how to use it.

Ian can think of many good uses for the ring. But, he has a dilemma: the ring was found on property owned by the National Trust, a conservation organization that works to preserve and protect historic places in the United Kingdom. Should he turn the ring over to the Trust?

As Ian teaches Morgan about the 21st century, the pair have many exciting adventures traveling through time as they save lives, solve crimes, and meet famous people including Pope Julius II, Michelangelo, Roman Emperor Titus, and Queen Elizabeth.

But revisiting the past, visiting the future, and changing events, can be dangerous. One small change can have disastrous and unintended consequences, not only for history, but for Ian himself.

--G.S. Forgey

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