The Record of Choice

CHOOZ! They shouted.

For Yardley Choice, Franklin High School's most decorated basketball phenom, nothing comes close to the thrill of winning a game on a last-second jump-shot or a game-saving defensive play. Surrounded by the Bell triplets, his adoptive parents, the Graces, and his maternal grandparents, the Kingston's, they all offer him some sense of balance that helps soften the life-long ache that silently festers from the tragic and untimely death of his biological parents, David and Abigail Choice. Turning eighteen years old is supposed to be a rite of passage in a teen's life. But Yardley is unaware that this birthday is about to change his life. When a conflicted detective, Mason Reeves, introduces Yardley and the Graces to the ‘gift that seems to keep on giving', emotions begin to unravel as the thinly-veiled layers of secrets reveals a startling revelation that has escaped Yardley his whole life. Accustomed to the life of a teenager, Choice is about to dribble his way into the sights and sounds of a mysterious and unscrupulous businessman - J. Howard Beaumont. From the charming and serene city of Franklin, NY to the delightfully simple cobble streets of Poggioreale, Italy, he will be forced to choose between his passion for basketball or slide down the slippery slope of his unknown family secret.

--Frank D. Williams

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