The Portland Autopsies

Dr. Trevor Knight, having survived his ordeal in The Misophonic Murders, has accepted a position as the head of psychiatry at the prestigious University of California, San Francisco.

Trying to come to grips with the loss of Chief John B. Smelly, Knight intends to get as far away from Paltry Station and its horrific memories as he can.

Life has found him enjoying his new career and oceanfront home until the specter of a serial killer drags him back into the dangerous world of crime solving.

Knight works with Detective Lance Lange from the Clackamas County Sheriff's Office as he attempts to decipher a ten-year-killing spree that has terrorized the Portland, Oregon, area as well as the entire country.

The monster has returned, more sinister than before, and allied itself with the most evil of partners.

Only the most brilliant of minds and solid belief in a higher power can save him as he uses his intellect, solid faith, and of course, his grandmother Shelly Mahl's advice to survive the horror that has come to visit him.

Murder is just a game, and it is.

“Your move,” Dr. Knight said.

--Joseph R Lange

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