The Plan

There is a plan for each of our lives. Things happen in the right place and time if we trust and believe the Lord and choose to allow ourselves to listen for his voice.

Rock Point, California, a North Coast seaport town, has been home to Matthew Sullivan and his ten-year-old daughter, Molly, for five years. He was eagerly welcomed into the community as a pastor and automotive mechanic.

Drastic changes take place in Matt's peaceful lifestyle when his old friend and former undercover work partner calls and says he's coming for a visit. On April Fool's Day, Jax Cramer arrives, late as usual, with his “sister” KC, who is suffering from traumatic amnesia, hoping she can spend at least a two-week vacation on the coast and stay with Matt and Molly. The Genesis Foundation, recruited to protect KC, a wealthy doctor, needs help, and they trust Matt.

KC and Matt are attracted to each other when their eyes make contact. KC pours herself into home life with Matt and Molly, and she loves to sing. Due to unexpected circumstances, KC fills in with vocals and lead guitar for the Odyssey Band during the First Annual Battle of the Bands Contest on Saturday of Memorial Weekend. A very real memorial evening awaits Matt and KC when they arrive home after a day of fun and celebration. Danger waits.

Can Matt and KC survive this real trial of danger? Who is KC? Does KC regain her memories? Is there a chance for real love between Matt and KC? And how does young Molly feel about all of this?

--Linda Seufert

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