The Parables of Jesus; A Verse-by-Verse Commentary

The Parables of Jesus is a verse-by-verse commentary of Jesus's parables found in the synoptic gospels. Each Bible verse is replicated, making it easier to compare the scriptures to the comments in the commentary without needing the Bible at one's side. In a thorough, well-organized, thought-provoking manner, the book weaves together historical context, linguistic connotations, the wisdom of other scholars, and the author's own compelling observations. The Parables of Jesus answers numerous questions including, why did the foolish virgins lack oil for their lamps at midnight, and what does this imply for those trying to follow the Savior's path today? What does the return of the prodigal son reveal about God's expectant love for the House of Israel and the prospect of hope and healing for each of His children? How can the Ten Commandments be reduced to the two commandments, the great commandment to love the Lord thy God and the second unto it, to love thy neighbor as thyself? This is an excellent reference volume for study and a source to teach the parables of Jesus.

--David O. Dorius

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