The Other Side of Infirmity

The woman had lived a secretive life of pain and had managed to mask her pain through suppression until one day, all of the pain surfaced and manifested itself through infirmity. At the young age of twenty-five, she was threatening to have a heart attack. Through the support of a counselor and a cardiologist, she finally found the courage to face her demons and confront her past so that she could begin her journey of healing.

Getting to the other side of infirmity was no easy feat, but through divine inspiration, she found the strength and the wisdom to take the necessary steps to have her infirmities resolved. From miracle to miracle, she climbed higher and higher to her destiny and found herself in the place of ministering healing to those with spiritual, emotional, and physical ailments.

All people dealing with pain and seeking healing will benefit from reading this novel and applying these biblical principles to their lives. Come along on this journey to reach the final destination: Healed, and discover what life is like on the other side of infirmity.

--Monica Ellis

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