The One Step with Jesus Restoration Program: Word Focused Fellowship Group Discipleship Series – Level 1 - A New Identity In Christ

A STRICTLY BIBLICAL PERSPECTIVE MINISTRIES has developed the WORD FOCUS FELLOWSHIP GROUP, as a Christian alternative to the world's recovery system, which addresses addiction by teaching individuals how to manage sin (addiction) through behavioral modification. Jesus Christ did not give His life on Calvary so a Christian could learn to manage sin but so that they could be set free from the penalty, power and eventually the presence of sin. God's plan for addressing addiction is far superior to man's plan because it not only restores a believer physically, socially and psychologically but it addresses the root cause of addiction, spiritual death. God's plan, salvation spiritually changes a person's nature and provides the potential for their soul to be restored (mind, will, and emotions) as well and addresses all of life's issues.

A “WORD FOCUSED” FELLOWSHIP GROUP (Level 1) is a highly interactive, open-ended discipleship group based on 5 Biblical principles. To advance from one principle to the next the group process requires an individual to learn a memory verse and complete a designated exercise that must be shared within the group. It is a discipleship series that takes the “Body of Christ” back to biblical basics founded on the doctrines of salvation: repentance, rebirth, justification, and adoption, positional and progressive holiness (sanctification). Emphasis is placed on a believer understanding and accepting their “new identity” in Christ enabling them to “Walk in the Spirit.” It is designed with a biblically strategic format with a five-fold in purpose.

A STRICTLY BIBLICAL PERSPECTIVE MINISTRIES has developed a Facilitator Guide for use in conjunction with the “WORD FOCUSED” FELLOWSHIP GROUP. The Facilitator Guide is designed to assist counselors, lay counselors and mentors in facilitating the groups to assist participant in taking an in depth and personal view of the different factors in salvation which will assist them in developing an accurate view of their new identity in Christ.

--Robert F. Vann

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