The Never Before Found Chronicles of Santa

The following tales recorded by Mrs. Claus in her Book of Days Journal are stories about Santa's adventures that are not restricted to only the holiday in December. They tell about his part in spreading the Christmas spirit, but they also reveal that he's known to other timelines and places where he performs simple acts of kindness and resolves a surprising assortment of dilemmas.

Customarily, Santa's headquarters are in the North Pole, and his mate is Mrs. Claus. His helpers are craftspeople and artisans commonly referred to as “Elves.” But Santa doesn't describe such a group of talented, skilled, and willing staff as elves, although they do seem to be magical in meeting the launch deadline every Christmas Eve.

In addition, the stories you'll explore make it known that Santa has the best of technical equipment, resources, communications, and support devices available for the sole purpose of keeping his annual operations “spot on.”

Mrs. Claus obviously recorded much of Santa's narrations, but these few accounts are all that could be restored of her journal. If she kept other such books, they have yet to be found. It is indeed a blessing that what you'll read are just some of the untouched records of Santa's life and good works that have never, ever been disclosed before.

You can check your computer for more information about the father of Christmas. Research his origins, history, and folklore; some notably under that of Saint Nicholas, and possibly even relative to the Magi of biblical times. Santa crosses over so many cultures and traditions, so his names include: Claawwss from the animal kingdom, St. Nick, Kris Kringle, Pelznickel, Papa Noel, Sunty Clus, No Ojisan, Grandfather Frost, Kerstman, Sinterklaas, Christkindl, Father Frost, Babbo Natale, Pere Noel, The Wonder Worker, and countless others worldwide.

For the inner child in all of us, happy journeys!


--Gail L. Frailey

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