The Narrow Road

How does a child cope with rejection, after rejection? Find out Brian's true and courageous story that will rivet you to your seat as you follow his journey from 1937 when he found himself “dumped” in an orphanage to his adult years. Will his search to discover who he is leave him bitter and angry, or will God's grace lead him to love, marriage, and children? Find out if he will let the past control his life or if he finds peace and joy in this story of struggle, sacrifice, and maybe even love.

In The Narrow Road, Sue Cass writes in eloquent autobiographical fashion, revealing the struggles, sacrifices, and suffering she and her husband went through, as she says, “in attaining an honest, faith-filled, and obedient relationship with our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Their combined story shows the reality of following the narrow road can be and is at times more than difficult . . . the bottom line to following Christ is eternal life. We'll never be disappointed.”

--Sue Cass

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