The Mysteries of God

The Legendary Pot of Gold is concealed within the Rainbow's Fountain of Youth!

I am Daniel and this is the book of God and the time has come to reveal its secrets for they are what the world needs right now!

When I was a young child I prayed to know the truth, and an angel appeared to me and

said; “Find a pot of Gold in the rainbow” then she was gone.

The Fountain of Youth is the Rainbow's Pot of Gold!

I have spent over fifty years remembering what I was given to know in another lifetime for this lifetime, and I hope you will come to know and understand his secrets.

Chapter I….The Foundations of Creation; expounds upon the seven lights of Creation,

Chapter II….Meditation; is the base for all revelation of knowledge into wisdom.

Chapter III....Powers of Mind and Body; correlates the structure of the Tree of life.

Chapter IV….Mind the Creator; explains the duality of God.

Chapter V…. Perceptions of Creation; reveals the paths: essence, being, and awareness.

Chapter VI…Universal Creation; before existence, the beginning and its continuance.

Chapter VII...The End of Days; the confirmation of events in the time of days!

This book has Seven Seals that unveils the mysteries of God. To thy spirit it is

as sweet as honey, but to thy flesh it will be bitter.

Understand once you know you cannot shed the responsibility of knowing.

I am Daniel, and this is the book of secrets given unto me to be sealed up until the time of the end.

Blessed be those who understand this wisdom!

--Daniel L. George

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