The Mother's Day Tea Cool Springs Series

Jonah Walters used to have the perfect life, but he ruined it with his self-centered ways. Brooklyn Lee once had big dreams, but an unexpected heartbreak made those dreams impossible. Now all Jonah and Brooklyn can do is lead lives of lowered expectations. After all, what's the use of getting your hopes up when there's no chance of your dreams coming true? The nosy pastor's wife, Maureen is determined that Family Chapel's annual Mother's Day Tea will be better than ever this year. She's also determined that her nephew Jonah and little “Brookie” Lee will start to dream again. With a bit of Maureen's charm and meddling, she manages to convince both Brooklyn and Jonah to help her with the upcoming tea. Will Jonah forgive himself for his past mistakes? Will Brooklyn allow God to heal her heart from her terrible loss? Will Brooklyn and Jonah open their hearts to a new dream the Lord has for them?

--Martha Fouts

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