The Missed, Ignored, And Overlooked!: Particular Enlightenments That Enhance the Soul

For the Christian, the Bible is a practical and essential source of faith and life. God has preserved and supplied it as a tangible connection to Him. He reveals His wishes for us and His character in the scriptures.

But given our daily pace—or, even worse, our mistaken understanding—if we read it, we do so with the wrong focus. We may only review helpful portions from the past. Maybe we are focused on the day to come. Or we may read as a religious chore. Then for many while reading, we're thinking of other things. All the while, we are missing, ignoring, or overlooking the very portions that would build our faith and enhance our love for God who loves us.

Too often, Christians read about the Bible rather than the Bible itself. At worst, this makes them vulnerable to heresy. Also, we are adopting someone else's image and opinion of our God. God wants a personal relationship with you, not through another. Now that may appear hypocritical, since I want you to read this book.

This book hopefully will share a few of those portions and help clarify your image of God and increase your appreciation of Him. Then in the future, you will be motivated to read with a focus to partake in such a way to see God's heart.

--J.J. Quaresimo

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