The Misophonic Murders

Since the beginning of time, mankind has been fraught with the need to seek its revenge against their fellow man. All manner of instrumentation from the rock Cain used to bean his brother to the stealthy use of poison. Rage boiling inside to the point where it could no longer be contained. Bursting forth without the ability to control it. Emotional magma. Or perhaps the cunning deception of evil seething within one's dark and cold soul leading to the quiet satisfaction of vanquishing their tormentor. A weapon, my friends, is only defined as such, when it is used…as a weapon. Mankind's ability to end the life of their fellow man knows no limit. Murderous imagination.

The instrumentality of evil, unlimited and incapable of being banned or its possession outlawed. Nor are the reasons to take those lives. History records all manner of what the actor rationalized as a valid reason. Why the tormentor simply. Must. Die.Greed. Perhaps a love lost. The heat is evil and desperately wicked—who can know it?

The story you are about to partake in deals with a rationale just recently discovered. Spoken in hushed tones. Yes, it must be in hushed tones. In the hallowed halls of academia. Among the enlightened.

Sit back, get comfy, maybe get yourself a bowl of popcorn, but I caution you, unless you are alone—

Chew it quietly. Very, very quietly.

--Joseph R. Lange

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