The Migration to Earth: The Unknown Worlds

The Migration to Earth: The Unknown Worlds Book 2

In his travels to many planets, Anzar continues his mission as a messenger of peace. His family and friends travel with him to the past and the future. Their planet is Trevinia. They travel to Antarctica on a secret mission to find a wrecked spaceship. There they meet Lanzar, the lizard man.

Others travel with them from the planet Anchoria. These are some of the ancient gods that left Earth during Ragnarok. There are many adventures with these gods as they have creatures to show you—one is the three-headed dog Cerberus. There are dragons, fairies, and the Cyclops.

Their natives on the planet Nestar will show you how a new people learn to live off of the land. On their move to the new land, there are many things to explore. They will even meet Big Foot on a trip to a great mountain.

With their O:XBar, they can be in three places. They travel in seconds to any destination.

--Marsha Mull

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