The Mermaid of Amphilora

Princess Seira of Amphilora is one of the rarest mermaids in the underwater world of Mer, and as such, she is restricted to the palace and palace waters for her safety. While all the other merfolk have the same color of eyes as their tail scales, Seira's eyes are azure with tail scales that are typically yellow with a golden tint. What makes her even rarer and more unique is the fact that her tail scales change color with her mood. With her second to last chance at staying in Amphilora being a marriage to Barracudon, the oldest prince of a kingdom on the other side of the ocean and her exact opposite, Seira's not happy. She likes to break the rules; he's a stickler for following them. She loves to make herself happy before doing what is required from her position; he prefers to do what his position demands and forget about his happiness.

Can the two of them find some kind of even ground that allows Seira to stay in Amphilora, or will she get tired of being treated like her father's precious artifact and swim to shore?

--Athena Rae Thompson

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