The Madison Effect: An Inspiring Culture of Call

Have you ever wondered how pastors first received God's call to become a minister? Would you be surprised to know that it is often in the local church culture that it becomes apparent that God wants them to be in ministry? In The Madison Effect: An Inspiring Culture of Call, Gary Robbins explores an inspirational culture of call within a small church in Madison, Kansas. From this one church, sixteen individuals have gone into ministry or mission work. Gary Robbins was inspired by the Madison church to write this book about what churches can do to recognize and nurture individuals into a life of service as pastors or lay volunteers. This book poses the necessary questions to allow The Madison Effect to grow within your church. Robbins discusses congregational accountability and issues that clergy can't address. Whether this book is used as a resource for adult education, church visioning or staff training, how to create a robust culture of call is an important dialogue for churches to prayerfully discuss.

--Gary Robbins

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