The Life and Times in Sunset, Texas: In Texarkana, Texas

This book is about the neighborhood my family was raised in. It was a community that had everything a whole city had in a twenty-block area. All other communities came to Sunset, Texas, to shop for all their needs. This book consists of events that happened in Sunset, Texas, that will make you laugh your heart out. Most of the people named in this book have passed on, but the memory of them still lives on, and if you were raised in Sunset, Texas, don't be surprised if your name is not mentioned. A few mentioned are athletes that have gone on to play professional football, semi-pro basketball, or are musicians.

Read and enjoy it.

Yours truly,

Charles R. Smith

If you or any family member has ever lived in Sunset, Texas, in Texarkana, Texas, don't be surprised if you or your family are in the book.

--Charles R. Smith

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