The King's Keeper: We Are the Stewards of His Kingdom

When I think of all my possessions to include any wealth in savings or retirement funds—my home and cars; my health, the strength of my body and mind; all that I have accomplished; my talents, titles, or degrees—is there anything that I can claim aside from the magnificent grace of God? Anything? For me, there is nothing that I can claim. Since I came into this world with nothing and will leave with nothing, I am but a steward of God, the One who owns it all. I am the King's keeper and accountable to the King. This King is my precious Savior, Jesus. To gain a better understanding of my role as steward, it is necessary for me to renew my mind and reflect upon what God's Word says about stewardship. To prepare for His return, the King's Keeper will help me discover:

1. those characteristics of the life of a good steward that are pleasing to the King and that will help me demonstrate faithful service without reason for question;

2. how I can steward God's creation;

3. how to steward myself and understand the proper alignment of the body, soul, and spirit for kingdom service;

4. how I can steward my time so that it is pleasing to my heavenly Father, being all about His business;

5. how I can take an honest look at my attitude and behavior concerning my possessions and come into alignment with the desires of the King;

6. how I can steward God's Word and be found faithfully administering the mysteries of the Word of God in love, always giving the glory to Him;

7. how I can steward God's manifold grace and be found fully operating in the gifts in which I have been given for kingdom service;

8. how I can engage my community as a kingdom representative; and

9. how I can tend to the precious relationships in which I have been trusted.

A steward must always be ready for the master's return, and the King may return at any time!

--Gary Everett

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