The Image of God: Lost and Recreated: The Only Answer

This is a book that demonstrates how a person can get the image of God. Adam and Eve were created in the image of God but lost it. They were given freedom of choice. Unfortunately, they rejected God and chose the way of Satan, which has been passed on to all of us down through the centuries from parent to child. The Bible is accepted as truth. Every step of the way taken here is documented by the Bible. Scientific discoveries are introduced to form a basis for understanding and to compliment biblical references. Children born after Seth were born in the evil image of Adam and Eve. God was so deeply grieved by the evil intentions of Seth's descendants that he sent the flood to destroy all of mankind. Noah was favored by God, but even so, he was still of the lineage of Seth. The Old Testament is filled with the sinful acts of God's chosen children, but the faithful unchanging God had a plan which He brought to pass in the person of Jesus. This book provides a penetrating and dramatic picture of how God has implemented His plan to the present time.

--Otis Gouty and Frank Clark

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