The Human Apocalypse : Elevated Armageddon

Around a month has passed since the fall of humanity, and the dead continue to roam the earth. The government, along with civilization, has utterly collapsed and the only remnants of mankind left are the sounds of winds echoing off the tall buildings and litter being gently tossed across the streets of the depressingly vacant cities. What little there still is of humanity constantly dims as it falls prey to soulless decaying figures hungering for flesh. Cars scattered along the roads never to reach their destination, halfway constructed buildings never to be finished or inhabited. A world frozen in time with no more electricity, no computers, no jobs, no schools, no police or military, and, most of all, no hope. Hope, as it seems, will forever be a thing of the past. Especially for a young man wandering the streets of Kansas. After the brutally painful loss of his dearest friend, Ruby Valentine, Michael Evland returns home after being exiled from the safety of a strong community of survivors. Michael has trudged through endless amounts of zombies to arrive at the last safe haven he knows—a bunker he built before the outbreak. There, much to his surprise, Michael finds a strange man named Eli.

A zombie apocalypse is strange enough but is nothing in comparison to what Michael is faced with next. With Ruby dead, Michael has no one, and when asked by Eli to join him on a journey to do the unthinkable, recklessness overtakes him. Watch as Michael Evland, a man shattered into pieces by complete devastation and loss, slowly become acquainted with Eli as they set out to unravel the secrets of this zombie apocalypse. See how this daring mission gives our battered protagonist the strength to put himself back together piece by piece. Eli and Michael will begin to realize that the walking corpses tearing apart the earth weren't as accidental as one would think. The two new friends will soon be faced with something incomprehensible gunning for them. Will the two of them be enough to conquer a force strong enough to bring on Armageddon? Maybe they won't have to be. Maybe evil isn't the only thing searching for Michael and Eli. Maybe all is not lost. In this story of both suffering and healing, love and loss, friendship and betrayal, holds the elements for something bigger than zombies, stronger than man, and worse than death. This is more than just a zombie apocalypse, more than just the end of the world, and more than your average doomsday scenario. Michael must act fast because the clock is ticking, evil is rising, and things are elevating in The Human Apocalypse: Elevated Armageddon.

--Aaron Weaver

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