The Household of Jairus; Secrets, Lies & Miracles

This novel is a rich exploration of two New Testament healings: the bleeding woman who touched the hem of Jesus's garment and the daughter of Jairus the Pharisee. The Gospel of Luke (8:40–48) sets the miracles on the same day as Jesus and a crowd make their way to the house of Jairus.

Could there be a connection between the woman who has bled for twelve years and the twelve-year-old girl who has died? If so, how are they related? What desperation drives the weakened woman to push through the crowd and emboldens her to touch the hem of Jesus? What compels a strict, faithful Pharisee to step outside the confines of his beliefs and risk ridicule and shunning from his neighbors to seek help from a questionable, itinerant rabbi? How does life change for them after the women are healed?

This moving story has emerged from the author's knowledge of and reflection on scripture along with careful research into the time and place of the event. Characters come to life as their stories unfold, revealing intimate portraits of life and love in Roman-occupied Capernaum. Ultimately, this is a story of newfound faith—that of Jairus and the members of his household as their belief in God's love and mercy is tested and transformed through the miracles of Jesus.

The author has made every effort to present an accurate account of first-century life in Galilee during the lifetime of Jesus and the early years of Christian conversion that followed His resurrection. Anyone who has struggled with doubt and whose own faith has been tested will be inspired to learn how the members of a single household came to believe in miracles!

Karen Ander Francis - Author of On the Edge of the Known World, Prayer and PTSD

--Kathy Zamonski

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