The Hidden Code of God, Nature's Bible of Free Will

This is a very personal story, but it's based on logic rather than emotion. It's a story that should help all of us destroy the bad emotions that lurk inside us.

This is how we will survive.

One day, while mowing the lawn, I had an epiphany. This flash of truth just came naturally like a flash of light, and from that first flash, I felt as though I had been given the formula of humanity.

Starting that night, while I tried to sleep, something kept pushing at me and waking me up. The spirit would not let me sleep. It pushed at me over and over again. I finally gave in, got up, and the spirit helped me write out the formula for free will.

I could never have done this alone.

I opened up my mind and began to take note of everything. Things that made sense, things that didn't. I then filtered those things down—little by little—taking out opinion and leaving just what I knew to be true.

The inner spirit was guiding me on my journey. It was attempting to help me clean my own soul after years of neglect. I was convinced that this happened because the spirit wanted me to be content with myself. It wanted me to seek truth. The truth would allow me to grow.

The truth will allow us to grow.

After flipping the formula of humanity upside down, I then flipped free will upside down. When that happened, the flood gates of truth from the creator and the destroyer opened up. History, law, the Bible, and all that makes up human behavior. It all became clear.

We are human behavior.

This is somewhat complicated, but once we realize these things to be true, life becomes more understandable, more balanced. These formulas can offer us a form of balance—a compass to use to keep ourselves structured and aligned with our inner spirit.

Our inner spirit wants our lives clean and healthy. This book can help us do that.

--Matthew McNeil Asher

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