The Heart of God Revealed; The Door is Always Open

This is a book of instruction and insights by the inspiration of the Holy Spirit on how to live victoriously in these end-times and gives a small glimpse of what is going to happen before Jesus's second coming. It is also a plea from our Heavenly Father's merciful heart to save all peoples.

This is my word to my people: that they may hear and know how to live according to my word, the Bible, and know that I will be with them through all that is to come before my second coming, which is going to happen soon. How to live and act in expectation of my kingdom, which is coming down to earth more and more. My will for my people is this: that they live in me and act according to the leading and guidance of the Holy Spirit and in acceptance of my great gift to all peoples, my Son, Jesus Christ. This is my plea to all peoples for their salvation: Accept my great and oh so costly gift, my Son, Jesus Christ, before it is too late. I want no one lost. Time is short. Believe and come to us. The choice is yours.

--Christa Erario

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