The Healing House; As I Heal, You Heal

By the age of fifty-five, Julia Renée Huff has collected more than a few mental illness labels. She'd taken medications for these diagnosed illnesses since Desert Shield/Storm. After several failed attempts to come off the medications she'd been prescribed, Julia started a soul-searching journey to uncover the cause for these conditions. She thought if she could get to the cause and unravel her feelings about it/them, then she'd be able to move on without the use of medication. This unraveling started around the same time Julia and her husband, Darrell, bought a 1900s home to remodel. This book is a personification of this house, The Healing House. As she watched the house being torn apart and put back together, Julia was able to relate her unraveling and then healing to the house's remodeling. The Healing House dives quickly into the depths of some very deep wounds but ends with a beautiful home and a beautiful heart healed. This is a captivating story of how God can use an inanimate object to guide someone who is hurting to understanding his mercy and grace, which are available to and for all of us. Julia's hope is that through her healing, others may also be healed.

--Julia Renée Huff

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