The Haberdashery: Part 1

The Haberdashery, part 1 of a trilogy, extends from the early 1600s to the end of the Revolutionary War in America. The story follows Kate Smallwood Gantz, the current owner of the Haberdashery, as she reads a recently acquired family diary detailing the lives of her family's arrival in America on the Mayflower and their establishment of a tailor's shop in Plymouth, Massachusetts. Serving their customers with hand-sewn garments is only part of the service Kate Gantz and her predecessors provide. They have a secret: they serve their country covertly, receiving coded messages on the bolts of fabric they use to sew the shirts and slacks their neighbors wear. The Haberdashery is a story of faith in God, love and trust between generations, and an intelligence network that only a few know exists.

--Laura Turnbull-Gans

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