The God That I Know; Psalms for the Modern World

When a young man begins to question how a loving God could allow the kind of sorrow and violence that exists in the world today, he turns to his father for answers. The God that I Know is one father's unique way of responding to his son's doubts about the nature of God. Through the use of verse, the young man's father acknowledges the existence of the problems that plague the world, including poverty, greed, war and death. But with inspired and soaring imagery, he explains that everything that happens is under God's control, and that the evil that exists is trumped by the love, forgiveness, and mercy that God has shown the world. This father's response to his son, and the beauty and thought-provoking nature of these modern psalms make this book one that all parents should give to their sons and daughters, and one which anyone in search of God should treasure and read over and over again.

--John Rogers

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