The Gift of a Lifetime: A Dogs Tale: Part One

What wacky misadventures are in their future?

Giving a child an animal to care for is always a risky business. While it is a good way to instill a sense of responsibility, it can also lead to chaos and confusion for everyone involved. It is a labyrinth of life lessons. The entire family must actively participate in the journey if it is to be successful. This story of Laura and her puppy is a guide for how to do it effectively.

When nine-year-old Laura Logan receives a puppy for Christmas, a lifelong learning experience begins. Told through the eyes of the dog, the story chronicles these sometimes-painful lessons. The puppy sees the little girl as a crazy screaming giant. Laura sees the puppy as stubborn and disobedient. Both child and dog must learn how to care for each other. The child must learn patience and the dog must obey the rules. Not as easy as one might imagine. It will lead to some very wacky misadventures. Laura's older sister, Cathy, and a wise old dog, Clyde, will come to their rescue and help the two of them understand each other. In time, love and patience will win the day.

--Macyle Pine

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