The Forgotten

The Forgotten is the true story of a young woman who came through amnesic divided identity disorder (DID). She had lived with so many unexplained fears and pain but never could understand why she was like this. Was she crazy, or had she forgotten something? Come with her on her journey from heartbreak and pain to healing and joy. See the many creative ways the Lord showed her how He saw her and how to deal with her past sexual abuse. By facing her past, she found peace and a new freedom and love for life. For too long, her past abuse had not just hurt her but also been a_ ecting her relationships, her job, her view of people, how she viewed God, and how she thought about herself. She went from being lost to being found. Learn how to walk in victory and wholeness. See how you can overcome past abuse and protect those you love from becoming victims. Go from being a person who is not just surviving but also thriving!

--Christina Zavala

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