The Fairy Portal

Visiting friends in Australia, Deannie takes a morning walk in the nearby forest. The day is beautiful, and she is excited to go exploring in this inspiring country. She does not know that her life will take a radical turn.

Stumbling into the entrance of another dimension, her journey begins. Her guide, a tiny fairy named Sunshine, surprises her and welcomes her to the land of the fairy dimension.

Hearing a familiar melody, Sunshine leads her to the Angel Cave, which shows her through music a memory she had long forgotten and how music is remembered and stored. After finishing a delicious snack at the Tree Lounge with curious, odd characters, she is led to the Written Word, a room full of mysterious blue reading domes of all sizes. Inside one that fits her best, Deannie is astounded by a unique experience of her favorite novel.

Having other duties, Sunshine turns her over to another companion. Eve, a Christmas fairy, leads her down the wrong path where they encounter the forbidden Dark Fairy. Pulling Deannie from the Dark Fairy's trap of sorrow, Eve flees with her to a safe area, the Herb Room. After discovering some of its secrets, Eve reveals the Dark Fairy's sad tale and begs Deannie not to tell Sunshine what happened. Unfortunately for Eve, Sunshine already knows.

Sunshine takes Deannie down a cool rock tunnel to the Crystal Grid, an underground miniature universe containing amazements and legends about each planet. Leaving through one of the distinctive twelve exits, the Twig Fairies join her to show her the wonders of the forest.

Deannie feels honored to learn she is invited to the Council of the Elementals held only every seven years. The Twig Fairies then introduce her to the Madame of This Forest, not That Forest or the Other Forest, “This” Forest—Deannie is instructed quite emphatically.

Rolle Polely Playmate has even more marvels for her in the Viewing Chamber where Hope fairies fly amuck.

Wherever she visits, Deannie learns about nature, fairies, devas, sprites, the elementals, and how they interreact with our dimension, Earth. The necessity, reflection, and magic of their world are imperative to ours.

Even when Deannie returns home, she cannot shake the effects of the fairy dimension. She receives a gift belonging to the Dark Fairy from an unexpected source that compels her to continue to seek out the fairies and their fair demesne. Because now what will she do with this treasure?

Come, follow Deannie's adventures and join her as she goes through the fairy portal. Maybe someday, if you're lucky, you will have the same opportunity. Will you know what to do?

--Nancy Visco

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