The Encounter

Loosely based on a true story, Elena Marie Hogan grew up in the inner city of Los Angeles. A woman with a strong compassion for people, and a true heart of gold. Helping people out whenever she saw a need, seem to come as second nature to her, even most times in her own life, of coming last. After years, of giving so much of herself to everyone, she suddenly realizes that life is practically passing her by. So Elena tries to recapture some of her old dreams, but ends up having several setbacks. Along with having a difficult time finding a job with the way the economy is going. Elena soon has a tough time making it on her own and has to move in with her mom and an abusive stepfather. She often prays to God for his strength and help, believing that He will one day make a way out of all the chaos and turmoil. At times, to shut out the noise of bickering and fighting she would find solace escaping to her audio-books. The romance stories often have Elena longing to have a love of her own, but with the way her life now is, it's hard at times for her to believe that it could ever be possible. Still she continues to pray and believe, with all her heart, in God's word. The encounter is about a woman's unwavering faith in God and the hope of someday finding love. Her Journey will one day lead her to the other side of the world. Where she will have an unexpected encounter with the one she has been waiting for all her life - Her destiny, strongly confirming that God's promises never fail, His word is the Infallible truth. And only He can make impossible things be possible.

Jeremiah 29:11, Matthew 19:26, Luke 18:27, Mark 9:26, Psalm 119:160

--D.M. Ceaser

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