The Eighty Six Year Gap


The great depression of 29 and why it continued, because of the lack of camaraderie between industry, capital, management and labor the ingredient's you have to have to make the system work. When did it end? Well, it didn`t end, in 1939 president F.D.R. made a moratorium, a suspension of any strikes or negotiation because of the war in Europe, his hope was to keep us out of the war. We would keep Europe supplied with the tools of war.

It didn't keep us out of the war, after the attack on Pearl Harbor we realized we could be reached and declared war. More than 11million men would serve and return home as the factories begin to shutdown down, there wouldn`t be enough jobs for our returning men. The unions wanted president Truman to release the moratorium and when he did under pressure the inflation rose 25%. The government realized there wouldn`t be enough jobs and decided, education was the problem, this lead to the great education explosions. We would lose 3 generations of our children to LSD and the hippies movement. Today we have only two large employers the prevailing wage workers and the educational, all dependent on your taxes both with union ties while the gap workers lay dormant.

And yet today we still think education is the way to create jobs while our infrastructure is crumbling along with creating more people living in poverty and on welfare as a way of life. There is a way to fix this, the round table and look eye to eye, to each other.

--James E. Saffel Sr.

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