The Earth Project

Captain Dave Dawson was Earth's first starship commander. He knew that the cosmos was teeming with life. He had met folks from the Pleiadian star cluster. He had met people from Sirius and Lyran as well. He had even met an Arcturian, a very advanced race of people. But he was most familiar with the race from Orion Nebula.

So he was thrilled when they selected him to accompany a beautiful Orion woman on a deep space mission in search of a rogue planet, or two.

But things were not what they appeared to be. Captain Dawson learned about Earth's real history. The terrifying truth that was being kept from mankind. He learned about alien abductions and genetic manipulation. He was schooled on portals and vortexes and wormholes. But the most terrifying of all was the news of who really controlled the Earth. A dark, cold race of beings ran things from the shadows. A vile race that has conquered Earth, killed and enslaved the very first colonists to the planet! They no longer were content with just Earth. They were ready to expand their influence to the heavens themselves!

Captain Dawson was assured that a plan, a project like no other, was unfolding to save mankind and the galaxy itself!—and that he had a role to play in this project. He didn't know what role that would be. All he knew was that he needed to return to Earth. But the Orions were reluctant to let him go . . .

--Larry Wood

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