The Diviner

The Kingdom of Iridion is a divided country of Gifteds and Unfortunates, of those who are born for greatness with unique supernatural powers and of those who are born for servitude. Nora has only known serving the Montgomery household after her Choosing Ceremony until she is given the peculiar opportunity to go to Hopses Academy, a military school exclusively for Gifted children. Equipped with her determination for equality, Nora accepts.

But becoming Iridon's first Unfortunate soldier is not an easy feat, especially as social and political turmoil rises within the country. A dangerous terrorist known as the Diviner becomes a viable threat, a mysterious person with a God-like power unlike anyone else in the kingdom. At the same time, a violent Unfortunate revolution begins to take hold, and Nora must find a way to stop both before they can rip the country apart.

But how can she with no gift at all?

--Kailey Haynes

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